Back Home: Students Reflect on the Trip’s Impact

“Simply put, I have been more intellectually stimulated in the past four days than I have in four years of high school…  During the course of this conference I have learned about the sexual rights of people with disabilities, that in 32 European countries in order to change your gender you have to sterilized and that 800 women die everyday because of preventable maternal death.  These are things we should be incorporate into our education, into our lives and into our work.”

“I could have an intense and earnest conversation about accountability with a senior director at the World Bank, and then he would immediately begin to give me advice about being a teenager.”  

“This conference began a dialogue within our group of students.   In school we are often focused on more local issues, but this was something entirely different.  Topics included human trafficking, how micro credit helps or hurts women, and of course, how unimaginably lucky we were to be here.  This conference has changed the way I think and converse about the world, and that is where change begins.”

This experience was truly incredible and life-changing. I have been able to meet so many influential and amazing trailblazers who have changed and are changing our world, and have become so inspired and influenced by each one of them.” 

“I met people from countries I had no idea about, and I gained an extremely expanded perspective of the world and those from other countries. I was able to become really good friends with some people that I never would have met otherwise, such as young leaders from Gambia, Serbia, and Nigeria.”

“I have become more aware of the impact that any person, idea, organization, or innovation can make in the world.”

“Prior to going on the trip I felt as if I would never learn enough to be a productive member of the conference. What I didn’t realize was the focus and emphasis on the importance of taking my experience as a youth and educating others on that experience. It showed me that youth opinions are important because those decisions we help influence are the ones that we will live to experience.”

“This trip has inspired me to try and combine my interest in science and women’s health into a future career. Overall, this conference has made me more proud to be a woman and has inspired me to want to help make a significant change in our community at home.”

“I learned what a big responsibility youth have, and it’s never too early to start investing in an important cause.  My eyes have been opened to see how much there is left to do, to lessen the gaps between men and women. This conference showed me how passionate I am for these issues and this conference is just the beginning of my journey with women’s rights and global health.”

One of the parts of Women Deliver which I will never forget is when I was able to talk to a midwife from Uganda… Three months ago, or maybe even a week ago, I never would have been able to approach this lady, most likely for fear of looking ridiculous or uneducated. This conference has taught me to go after what I want, to push myself to learn about anything that I am curious about. The less I know about it, the better, because I will learn and gain the most from it.”


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