Wednesday Reflections

Liam:  Hi–my name is Liam Downey and I am a sophomore at Brookline High School. Today was the third day of the conference and some of the most inspiring and interesting plenaries and concurrent sessions were today. One specific experience for me was sitting next to a man named Joel Spicer. He is the CEO of a micronutrient company that serves over 500 million people. When talking to him, he gave us some inspiring and fascinating advice. One of the things that he told us was to go against the normal flow of what everyone says. He compared it to talking in class, where many kids just repeat what the teacher says and people are shy to say something that goes against the flow and ideas of the conversation. Along with this, he emphasized the important role that young people in the global health world play. He told us how we were the future and although many of the older people may say we aren’t, we hold many of the keys to success. For me, to hear this from a true global health leader was amazing. He spoke so eloquently and was so inspiring it pushed me personally to a new level. As a person in the private sector, he is a very important role model for the global health world, and all the things he said were truly inspiring and fascinating.


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