Greetings from Copenhagen

After a long night and day of travel, we have arrived in Copenhagen. We left Boston last night (Friday) at 9:30 PM and arrived at 10 AM in Oslo, Norway. While we had hoped to spend our long layover sightseeing in Oslo, a slow line through Immigration and Customs undermined our plans. Instead we spent several hours in the Oslo airport, preparing for the upcoming conference and resting. We also tried some Norwegian delicacies, like salty licorice (an acquired taste). Happily, our flight to Denmark was brief. When we arrived in Copenhagen, we learned that the blue line down the middle of the airport floor means the “fast lane,” (thanks to the grumpy man who pointed this out to our jet-lagged stragglers). We then took the subway to our hotel, checked into our interesting, space-efficient rooms (for example, the bathroom is the shower), and walked to a local food court for dinner. We’re ready to conquer jet lag with a good night’s sleep before a morning meeting with Jill Sheffield, the founder of Women Deliver.


Perusing the Women Deliver Conference Catalog and Resting in the Oslo Airport
IMG_0604 (1)
We Arrived!

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